The multiple sign-in feature has been fairly popular among GMail users since its release, but only those working from a desktop could enjoy the convenience of it. This week, Google is ushering in its slew of mobile users, who can now utilize the feature on their smartphones and tablets. 

"To sign into an additional account, click on the account switcher at the bottom of the threadlist, then click 'Sign into an another account.' You can quickly switch between accounts by selecting the desired account from the Accounts menu," writes Dominic Leung, Mobile Software Engineer, on Google's official announcement

While it's a welcome addition, it's still a tad bit lacking compared to the desktop version. For example, the "Send From" option that allows users to send mail from multiple addresses is not available. 




Learning Opportunities

Note: This is not part of the GMail app. To try the new features, you'll have to direct your mobile browser to to

Another feature included with this update is a mobile-specific signature. This way, the people you contact will know you're doing so from a mobile device, and may be more understanding when it comes to typos and auto-correct. A vacation auto-responder is also available and can be set up directly from your mobile device, so you won't have to worry if you forget to create an auto-response before skipping town. 

"As part of added multiple sign-in support, we’ve updated URLs so that each account can have a separate bookmark," adds Leung. "For those who have previously bookmarked Gmail for Mobile, please update your bookmark. If you haven’t, now is a great time to head to on your smartphone or tablet browser and add a bookmark to your home screen."