MuseWorx releases first mobile marketing system
On-demand marketing automation champion MuseWorx recently released MuseWorx Mobile, the first mobile marketing operating system. The application enables stakeholders to perform all sorts of tasks from their mobile devices including sharing, collaborating, tracking, or utilizing brand assets required for marketing campaigns.

Unifies! Amplifies! Simplifies!

MuseWorx began by building custom marketing automation systems for huge names like Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, Bank of America and over 192 military bases, and released their marketing automation system in October 2007. Over 80,000 businesses signed up for the initial closed enrollment. The system uses cloud computing “to provide a revolutionary new program of on-demand marking coordination” and does so through three key practices: # Unifying: MuseWorx unifies what they consider to be typically disparate and disconnect go-to marketing functions, processes and resources. The outcome is a comprehensive, cohesive interchange of data and information. # Amplifying: Through unifying, MuseWorx amplifies the efficiency of marketing automation, the effectiveness of creative development and the productivity of brand assessment. # Simplifying: MuseWorx simplifies the input, accessibility and analysis of all product information. This provides clarity and decision options for central management. Okay, so maybe those aren’t the most convincing or thorough selling points. Fortunately, MuseWorx doesn’t look like they need any help, as their 3.0 release last year already has 250,000 users from 77 countries to date. Additionally, MuseWorx expects their solution to reach over 1 million users by Q4 this year.

Getting With the Times, But Before Android Times

In today’s on-the-go world, it’s a smart move for a company as huge as MuseWorx to accommodate the heavy demand for mobile solutions. With the program, professionals can now edit various project images, logos, advertisements, videos or any other content that requires collaboration from anywhere they want. Never have to actually see your co-workers during collaborative work? That could be a desirable situation for many of us. The solution also offers to put professionals at ease when it comes to time-sensitive operations, and will likely prevent a lot of costly decisions from being made a little too late. MuseWorx claims that although the program works on several platforms, it looks best on the iPhone. Completely unsurprised by that opinion and considering their strong foundation and huge customer base, we at CMSWire feel fairly optimistic about MuseWorx Mobile’s potential. That is right now, mere hours before the first device supporting Google's Android OS comes out. Will Android revolutionize the mechanics of mobile content as predicted and put MuseWorx out of business? At the same time, Motorola just jumped on Android, too. It is cooking up the second Android device (after the HTC G1) that is focused on mobile social networking. While this is not exactly affecting MuseWorx's specialty of catering to marketers, social networking is one of the hottest techno trends for 2009, according to Gartner, with more competition to come to this market. What is going to happen to all those players? Too early to tell, but we will keep you posted!