Nokia World to See Lumia 800 Windows Phone Unveiled
Nokia World will see at least three new Nokia devices, running Windows Mango, including the newly named Lumia 800. With recent Nokia phones getting rave reviews, could these bring both companies back into the mobile game?

Light 'em Up

The Nokia Lumia 800 is the official name of the new leading model of Nokia Windows 7 phone. Previously known just as the "800" or "Sea Ray," it is a close mobile cousin to the recently launched Nokia that is getting awesome reviews but which runs MeeGo, an OS destined for the niche market at best.

UPDATED: See pics and news from the NokiaWorld Event.

The Lumia 800 features an 8-megapixel camera, and the name was revealed when some test photos were uploaded, with embedded information showing the name and Windows Mango OS. Put two and two together and you get one of the devices that Nokia hopes will propel it back up the smartphone charts.

A few brief trailers have been playing, highlighting some subtle glimpses of the new phone. Some leaked press shots have also been doing the rounds, showing off the curved front and N9-like design.


Back in the Game?

Two other phones, known by the code names "Sabre," a slightly smaller device with buttons and a more modest specification, and "Ace," which has a slider keyboard for business types, are also likely to be unveiled. They will all have to compete against the rampant Apple iPhone 4S and the upcoming Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.

With Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango getting good reviews, it is possible that Nokia could see a reversal of fortune with these devices, but getting back to its former position will be a tough challenge; perhaps it is relying on the improved integration of Windows 8 devices in 2012/13 to really pull things around.

On the positive side, Microsoft is backing it with big money, and with Nokia a favored partner, it could rake in market share from the other Windows Phone makers as well as its main rivals. With BlackBerry suffering too, could enterprise users see Windows Phones as a logical progression?