Samsung has outed the date, ahead of an impending official announcement, for the reveal of its latest superphone, the Galaxy S3. The date will give it some headway against the presumed iPhone 5 unveiling in June.

A Pretty Pebble

Given that any launch imagery for a phone these days is often loaded with symbolism, check out Samsung's Facebook page for the launch invite to the Galaxy S3 (or SIII) launch. Three pebbles, obviously for the third-generation Galaxy phone, but could the pebbles be alluding to the shape, or a use of ceramic materials? 

You can read into it what you like, but without formally announcing the event, Samsung put up this page to much clamor first thing this morning. Not only will the unveiling mean it is highly likely that the phone will be available during that month, but it will also be out ahead of the next iPhone (which various rumors put at a June release).

UPDATE: Is this the Galaxy S3 (sorry, SIII)? A picture doing the rounds (sent to mobile site GSMArena) supposedly from a press release (which matches some earlier images from a leaked manual) suggests this could well be the next superphone.


ORIGINAL UPDATE: Samsung has now confirmed the event and sent out invites. Also, we have a story taking a look at the possible use of ceramics, magic glass and liquid metal in the next iPhone.


Learning Opportunities


What do those pebbles mean, then?

Rocks Versus Apples?

Samsung's Android superphone is pretty much the leading rival for the iPhone and the Galaxy S2 is regarded as one of the best phones available. The iPhone 5 is still one of those enigmatic ghostly figures, and Apple will launch it in its own good time, but for those who have to have the best and latest, Samsung is in a great position to grab a huge number of sales with its own magical, revolutionary experience.

It will definitely ship with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, and perhaps even have a few new features to add to the cachet and allure. As I've previously said, no one actually needs a shiny new smartphone, but for those who need the latest, this will be the phone to have this summer.

Whatever powers the phone, be it dual- or quad-core, (UPDATE: In advance of the launch Samsung has revealed its new quad-core processor, the Exynos will definitely power the phone and runs at 1.4GHz) and how ever much graphical fidelity it has, the real power will lie in Samsung's ability to impress users with a new look. I'm guessing, that's where the pebbles come in, with many companies looking at ceramic materials for phone casings and pebble designs to move away from the standard phone slab. Whatever Samsung's plans, we'll find out in a couple of weeks.

Google's Glasses innovation project is just one development that shows the life of the slab that currently lurks in our pockets isn't long for this world.