Software AG
Hot on the heels of Software AG's (news, site) acquisition of Terracotta, the company has announced the acquisition of Metismo for its cross-platform mobile devlopment environment.

On This Rock I Will Build My App

UK-based Metismo's application development platform simplifies application and content development by enabling developers to build once and deploy to many platforms at once. Dubbed Bedrock, the technology lets developers build device-independent mobile applications, which will then be converted into native apps meant for different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, among others.

Metismo lets developers build applications in J2E, which Bedrock then translates into C++, and then compiles to the native language of the different platforms. This drastically reduces development time, and enables content producers to reach more audiences and users at a faster rate.

Building Apps Across Platforms for Productivity

Software AG CTO Wolfram Jost notes that mobile app deployment is a "key technology in enabling the fully digital enterprise." The company intends to leverage Metismo's technology as a tool for enhancing enterprise mobility, noting the significance of mobile Internet technologies in the enterprise. Matt Green, VP for product management, highlights the benefits that Metismo brings to Software AG and its clients.

The Metismo technology solves the complex issue of cross-platform mobile access to the enterprise, providing our customers and partners with a state-of-the-art solution and launch-pad for unparalleled mobile productivity."

Mobile is emerging as a major platform for both consumer and enterprise tools. Vendors and developers are either releasing or acquiring technologies that enable deployment of content and applications to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Software AG's recent acquisitions seem to be a good mix. Terracotta will provide processing power for cloud computing, while Metismo will enable mobile application deployment. These bundled together, Software AG can expect to deliver killer apps that will deliver performance along with mobility.