Stuff Your Data in the Cubby With LogMeIn's New Cloud/Desktop Service

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If you're not satisfied with your existing cloud storage facility, then why not give the beta of Cubby a go. Billed as "one giant leap for your stuff", it offers a mix of local or 5GB of cloud storage and access from browsers, iPads and other devices for easy collaboration.

A Place for Your Digital Stuff

Cubby is a service that lets users turn any number of PC or Mac folders into "cubbies" that can be accessed from your other devices or by friends and colleagues, as well as stored in the cloud for always-on access. This goes above the usual cloud storage offering, by keeping content that you want to keep restricted on your desktop.

Users can also use the desktop option, to share as much content as they like without eating into their cloud limit. As long as your Internet connection holds up, the data is always there for others -- until you decide to close down. The beta is currently accessible by email invite, and offers 5GB of cloud storage and unlimited device synching.

Across the Cloud or Desktop

Cubby is brought to you by the NASDAQ listed LogMeIn, a company pretty adept at remote device management, access and information storage. The new service is built on the company's existing systems and comes at a time when there's never been more activity in this sector.

Learning Opportunities

Cubby offers multiple ways to select what content can be seen by others and what devices can access which data, keeping your family, social and business content neatly delineated. With all the fuss about Google policies, perceived uncertainty over Instagram photos due to the Facebook takeover and other worries, perhaps Cubby's service is the antidote for users of a nervous disposition.

Advantage, Cubby

Cubby takes advantage of industry-best encryption standards to ensureyour data is protected at all times and gives users the ability to be the sole owner andholder of their encryption keys. With access from any web browser, Mac or PC desktop app, or free iPad and iPhone or Android app, you can share your data with anyone, anywhere. For peace of mind, old versions of files and deleted data are archived, so they can be recovered.

In the meantime, we eagerly await the arrival of Google Drive and with the likes of Dropbox, box.net and Microsoft's SkyDrive are all busy touting for users, looks like the summer of cloud storage is about to get even more frenetic.