TenDigits Software, provider of mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, recently had a lot to say. In addition to the announcement of a cool new mobile alerts capability called Smart Actionable Alerts, the company also released version 4.5 of their flagship product, MobileAccess.

Smart Actionable Alerts is a different approach to automating notifications and facilitating productive responses, while MobileAccess 4.5 includes new features like the ability to upload images, GPS coordinates, or any file from your BlackBerry to Dynamics CRM.


Bring your office with you wherever you go! TenDigits’ deal is offering up wireless CRM solutions that increase mobile workforce productivity, mainly by helping customers meet business objectives. MobileAcces for Microsoft Dynamics CRM goes about doing this by enabling on-the-go mobile professionals to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM anytime, any place with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones. With the tool, users can:

  • Open and forward documents and attachments
  • Set independent user personalization
  • Share CRM records by email with others
  • Receive Alert Notifications of newly created or assigned records

The latest release, which supports some of the newest BlackBerry devices such as the Storm and the Tour, also includes the ability to upload photo images, GPS coordinates, or any file from your mobile device to Dynamics CRM.

Ready, Set, Smart Action

Smart Actionable Alerts is another new perk along for the ride, and arguably the coolest. Unlike most mobile alerts which send an email or an SMS message to alert a user, a complete notification and response loop is now enabled with MobileAccess. Users are presented with notification pop-ups regardless of what they’re doing on their mobile device, making it nearly impossible not to be in the ball, all the time, from any location.

“Smart Actionable Alerts leverage the power of smartphones to provide a new alert experience,” said Sean Gocher, CEO and Founder of TenDigits. “Unlike the message-oriented mobile alerts offered in some mobile solutions, users of MobileAccess get notified, view the information in context of the CRM records, and have the ability to take action anywhere, anytime from their smartphone. This provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage in terms of responsiveness and productivity.”

Live in Both Worlds

If you want, or absolutely *need* to mash up your mobile and office life, you can start by reading up on some more detailed information on TenDigits here. In order to get started with their MobileAccess solution, the company requires potential customer to fill out the New Customer Inquiry here. How long it takes to get back it doesn't say, but based on TenDigit's shtick, we're presuming response time is rather fast.