Windows Phone 7's Mango Update Hits RTM, Launching September

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Windows desktop OS updates used to be celebrated like the second coming, how will Microsoft's (news, site) mobile offerings fare?

Mango vs. Apple

The Mac company has become the undoubted king of OS updates with its desktop and mobile refreshes treated as major events, splashed across the web and becoming their own news whirlwinds. Somehow, Windows OS updates never had that mania effect despite being massively important for corporates and everyday users.

While the days of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (perhaps it's a name thing) have long gone, Microsoft gets another shot with its first serious update to its Windows Phone 7 OS, which has been seditiously code-named Mango. Laden with new features and bringing the range of Windows phones more in line with its competitors, this is a big event.

With multi-tasking, an integrated unified communications service, Internet Explorer 9, a local knowledge scout to help work better with your day-to-day life and endless performance tweaks and improvements, it might not be quite up there with the latest Android or iOS release but it shows Microsoft is getting there, fast.


Learning Opportunities

Release the Hounds

The RTM move means that the code is complete and has been passed on to Windows Phone makers for final testing and optimization with their devices. The likes of HTC, Samsung and LG will be eager to get the best performance as they await the influx of competition from the Microsoft/Nokia partnership who will undoubtedly start getting preferential treatment. According to KDDI, Japanese models will be getting the update first, at some point in September.

That is likely to put it on a collision course with iOS 5, which will be seeing a huge amount of hype linked in with the next iPhone launch. Microsoft will certainly hope that the upgrade happens more smoothly than occurs for poor Android users who are often left for months with older, inferior versions. Users may also be looking for clues as to Microsoft's mooted unified OS across all devices.