1 & 1 Serves Open Source on Silver Platter

2 minute read
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The Web hosting guys at 1 & 1 Internet just unveiled 1 & 1 Click-n-Build, a solution that helps those with open source envy to easily implement Web tools typically reserved for those who have a bit of coding canny.Applications like phpBB, TikiWiki, Joomla!, Mantis and Moodle are among the prêt-a-porter applications that Click-n-Build users can start using with just a few clicks."Open source software has always promised great results but has until now eluded a great number of non-technical users," said Andreas Gauger, 1 & 1 Internet's chairman of the board. "Our new platform delivers great software within a few clicks, and allows every type of user the full benefit whilst 1&1 handles all of the technicalities."Click-n-Build operates a little bit like JumpBox, except it's slightly more encompassing. You can select a number of fully-developed apps per package instead of just one. But like JumpBox, it takes all the gruntwork out of installing and maintaining open source software - which, while free, can feel like more trouble than it's worth unless you know what you're doing.Application Packaging Standard (APS) serves as the foundation for Click-n-Build. The first set standard for integrating open source apps within a hosting environment, APS was developed by SWSoft, a server virtualization and automation software purveyor. The Click-n-Build solution provides those who use 1 & 1 Web hosting with a simple interface for configuring, adding and removing Web apps. It also populates clients with automatic version updates and security updates, and all sans ad intrusion.In addition to managing installation, updates and patches, it eliminates the necessity of dealing with downloads, various registrations and passwords, granting you the greatest gift of all - time to develop your brand and add site value.The service is a grab-bag of about 20 applications, but that's just where 1& 1 started, not where it's ending. More on that as the service develops.1 & 1 Click-n-Build, bundled with Web hosting, starts at US$ 4.99 per month for two apps. But if you want to leap into the deep end, a complete 1 & 1 Developer package is priced at US$ 19.99 per month and includes 10 applications. In the near future, add-ons will be available for US$ 1.99 per month, a charge that's drawn right along with your usual hosting charges. Check it all out at the 1 & 1 website.