Umbraco CMS
So what is it with the Danish and Web Content Management? Hello! They're mad for it over there. Anyhow, Umbraco doesn't really mean ".NET Open Source CMS", but that's what it is and it seems to be doing it well. Niels Hartvig kicked this project off in 2001 and now in its in version 2.0.Umbraco is an Open Source Web Content Management (CMS) product written in C# on the Microsoft .NET platform. It's simple, fast, flexible and with a user interface that, if I do say so myself, is actually charming to use. Their website makes that claim. However, I've played with the product and I have to agree. The UI is well designed, pleasing to fiddle with, and offers you friendly little suggestions as you tinker away. Its not without bugs mind you, but this is Open Source (GPL in fact) and that means its FREE. We can't complain. Here's a little taster of the UI:
Umbraco Screenshot
Umbraco CMS is produced by Danish Umbraco ApS. They are a for profit organization and currently have a "professional" (commercial) license for the product in the works. So I'd venture a guess that they are modeling themselves a bit like Norway's eZ Systems with their eZ CMS Standard and eZ CMS Professional. Current product features include: Content Management, Library Services All content in Umbraco is under version control. WYSIWYG Editing Content can be edited in the web editor (works best in IE). Output is standards compliant and formatting is done via CSS. The web editor includes some simple imaging tools for resizing and quick graphic production for headers, etc. Custom Content Types Umbraco CMS features a generic content architecture making it possible for developers to produce content types of their choice. Localized Interface The product comes with both Danish and UK English user interface languages. Additional languages can be added by providing the required XML language files. Dates and system names are automatically translated using the culture settings from .NET. Templating & Tags Umbraco uses a simple HTML templating approach with some custom tags for integrating Umbraco content. Extensibility Almost any part of the Umbraco user interface can be customized and new functionality added using your favorite .NET language. Integration requires that developers implement some standard Interfaces . Umbraco version 2.0 can be downloaded for free. There's also a Subversion repository open, if you want to get down and dirty and help make this project a success.