XOOPS is a popular, extensible open source Web CMS based on PHP and MySQL OSS technologies. The XOOPS Formulize add-on module enables you to add custom web forms to your XOOPS-powered site, and then search, sort and analyze the data that users submit. The latest update sports over 30 new features, including advanced notification options, full import-from-csv capabilities, and new protections against cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks.Formulize works together with several other modules and patches to provide many other features for your site. This release, together with the companion Reg Codes module, provides several new account creation options, including private information in profile forms, and a host of new approval and notification options when accounts are created. With a total of over 60 changes, improvements and fixes, this is the most comprehensive and flexible Formulize release yet. Even basic users will benefit from simple new features like the ability to specify horizontal or vertical orientation for individual checkbox and radio button questions, the ability to add a final "other" textbox to checkboxes and radio buttons, and the ability to select metadata, like "the user who created the entry," and "the creation date" as default fields when viewing a list of entries. There are also many interface improvements for end users, including several features to make the list of entries page easier to work with for novices, especially when no entries have been made in a form yet. New API features have been included in Pageworks for application developers, including the ability to present multi-page forms with skip logic. The "Using Formulize..." PDF has been completely overhauled with newer and more in depth information, particularly about Frameworks of forms. This release is v2.2 RC1. The final v2.2 release is expected in the next few weeks. The XOOPS Module Development Forge provides access to downloads and documentation. Interested OSS folks in the Toronto area can catch a demonstration of XOOPS and Formulize at the upcoming Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) event, running all day this Thursday and Friday at the York University Campus in Toronto, Canada.