JBoss(R) Group LLC, provider of the most popular Java(TM) application server, today announced the availability of Nukes on JBoss, an open source content management system (CMS) entirely based on Java. Led by Julien Viet, a full-time consultant for JBoss Group, the project grew out of the company's efforts to port PHP/PostNukes to Java and plug-ins with the aim of offering users an open, high performance system equipped with advanced functionalities. Making the most of J2EE's rich platform and JBoss' own assets, the Nukes on JBoss project has enriched the popular PostNukes CMS with advanced functionality that dramatically improves scalability, robustness and performance to handle enterprise-class web sites. The development of a group management platform falls within the strategic framework of JBoss, which aims to provide all Java users with a comprehensive and dependable set of tools that can be integrated into their current information system. "Among the open source solutions currently available, Java or otherwise, we were unable to find a single product that met our functional and performance needs," stated Sacha Labourey, general manager, JBoss Group Europe. "Nukes on JBoss perfectly illustrates JBoss Group's mission to design and offer new-generation architecture for everyone. With Nukes on JBoss, they are assured of having a comprehensive and proven solution at their disposal." Advanced Features & FunctionalityThe Nukes group management system, which was developed throughout 2003, consists of the latest technological features. Nukes on JBoss relies on the powerful functionality of the JBoss application server, whose microkernel architecture (based on JMX) is a central component. In particular, Nukes on JBoss provides: -- A complete forum management system; -- Optimal security control through flexible definition and rules for use, users and groups; -- Deployment with "on-the-spot" components; -- Management of multiple graphics through skins; -- Improved performance up to 20 times faster than on PHP/PostNukes, with the use of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and JBossCache(TM) functions; and -- Remote invocation module for Flash, enabling simple interaction between Flash and Nukes components running on the server. This allows developers to create a Nukes component for HTML and Flash while benefiting from the power of Flash. Among the numerous functionalities included in Nukes on JBoss, the most important is the porting and integration of PHP BB, the famous source.org forum, under a new Java/JBoss architecture. All functionalities, which are constantly being updated with plug-n-play modules, are available at www.jboss.org/developers/projects/nukes/index. Availability A final RC (Release Candidate) is already available as a free download. Nukes on JBoss version 1.0 will be available on February 18 at www.jboss.org.