Midgard Open Source Web CMS
The Midgard Project has released version 1.8 of the Midgard Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Midgard's latest release focuses on improved stability for new features, enhanced metadata support, database performance improvements, site replication, and wizard-driven administration.Midgard is a full-featured open-source web content management system designed to run mid-to-high-end websites. In addition to the built-in content management features, Midgard provides an object-oriented component architecture for building interactive web applications that integrate seamlessly with the website. While Midgard can run almost any kind of website, it really excels in the following fields: * Corporate intranets: Midgard's integration with third-party authentication systems and its sophisticated access control lists system provide easy way to build secure intranets and extranets. * Multilingual websites: The MultiLang system in Midgard helps with maintaining a multilingual website and managing the translation workflow * Groups of websites: The style inheritance system in Midgard makes it easy to build groups of different websites that can easily share some graphical identity but still be maintained independently Midgard's AJAX-powered user interface makes regular site maintenance and content production easy and natural. For sites requiring greater control over the publication process Midgard provides an approval-driven staging/live system that can also be used for clustering purposes. The core of Midgard is written in C for better performance on high-volume sites. This means that Midgard must be installed on a Linux or Unix server with root-level privileges. The Midgard Content Management Framework was initially released in May 1999, and has since gathered a sizable user and developer community. The software is being developed by an international team of professionals which includes new media designers, system integrators and content management consultants. Midgard development is being supported by several commercial and governmental entities including the European Union.