Daisy CMS
Recently announced Outerthought has released Daisy v1.2, an Open Source Web Content Management System (Web CMS), composed of a standalone, ReST-accessible repository server, and a powerful Wiki-on-steroids editing and publishing application.New features in the 1.2 release include:
  • An easy-to-use graphical site navigation tree editor to define site hierarchies and navigation
  • user self-registration with password and account reminder
  • A general document commenting facility with public and private comments
  • Enhanced support for human-readable website URLs
  • Comprehensive support for arbitrary-sized document parts (or "BLOBs"), with streaming support both on front- and backend (making Daisy capable of hosting media libraries)
  • Generalized database access layer to easily run Daisy on top of any standards-conforming relational database engine
  • improved full-text indexing support for MS Office document formats
Daisy CMS is an open source project produced by the Outerthought organization and based upon the Apache Cocoon web application framework. Daisy consists of a standalone repository server accessible through HTTP/XML and/or a high-level Java API, and an extensive browsing and editing DaisyWiki application running inside Apache Cocoon. Daisy is licensed under the commercially-friendly Apache License 2.0. Outerthought provides commercial support services around Daisy. Learn more on the Daisy community site.