The phpCMS team has today announced the latest release of phpCMS, the first update in over a year. phpCMS is an OpenSource content management system published under the GNU Public License. It is a flatfile-based system that is meant to be easily deployed in most hosting environments. The product is freely available for download from Source Forge.phpCMS features include:
flatfile-based, no SQL database required
* flexible template system
* centralized administration of the menu/site structure
* automatic sitemap generation
* intelligent two-staged caching
* index-based fulltext search for extremely fast searches
* plugin interface for easy enhancements
* a large amount of existing plugins
* easy embedding of external applications in phpCMS sites (usage as framework for arbitrary webapplications is possible)
* easily embed 3rd party PHP applications such as forums, guestbooks, etc.
* search engine friendly
* built-in web analytics
* browser-based content editing
* admin GUI with integrated filemanager and cache-viewer
Download from Source Forge. View the phpCMS website.