Announced today, version 3.7 of open source Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3 includes enhancements that simplify administration and authoring of multi-language sites. Including up to 40 languages, the TYPO3 has added Catalan, Bosnian and Korean to the list of user interface languages. Extended Contextual Help and a variety of core improvements offer new features for developers using the TYPO3 framework to deploy content management solutions. TYPO3 is an open source Content Management system built upon PHP and MySQL.Updates in the latest release include: Better Management of localised versions Many of the 36000+ TYPO3 installations worldwide have been deployed to manage multi-language sites. The existing, one-page-tree-fits-all logic already made administration of such systems a breeze. New features for automated translation workflows ("copy to translation") and new functions for monitoring language versions now are helping to further improve control and speed of localisation efforts. This interface visually links original and translation versions of context elements and indicates changes to provide a one-stop view of localisation progress. A special localisation guide is provided throughout the interface to support the processes involved with context help. Improvements of Usability Two key metrics for user experience are a customizable interface and context sensitive help. Both have been improved with the latest version. The already detailed user-rights administration system has been expanded with newly integrated system elements. Access rights can now also be assigned to language versions of elements, values in multiple select fields and the long-awaited central control of access to content element types has been added. The context sensitive help system is now also available in the programming environment, adding 110 pages and 180 screenshots to the already rich manual. The new manual module, which is being released simultaneously as an extension, provides more intuitive access to built-in help resources. New Features for Developers The Kickstarter-Wizard, a tool for quick implementation of basic classes for custom functionality, is supporting developers with new features. A versioning API has been implemented to enable the ongoing development of an improved and much extended workflow system. A new CLI-API makes TYPO3’s backend functions accessible for system scripts and daemons from the command line. Additionally, system performance has been improved through the optimised management of temporary files. Last but not least, this version has been tested with PHP5, a new version of the web application language that will bring many groundbreaking improvements. This release perfroms well under PHP5, but several technical issues are outstanding before it should be considered fully compatible. An update will be available shortly. http://www.typo3.com