Google Appliance Doesn't Cut Enterprise Mustard

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In the 2008 version of the Enterprise Search Report, our friends at CMSWatch evaluated 18 major enterprise search offerings and the biggest loser is...


I know what you're thinking: "What kind of world do we live in where the most dominant internet search engine gets anything less than top marks when compared to other enterprise search offerings?"The answer is simple: Enterprise content consists of more than just web pages.When we covered the release of version 5 of the Google Search Appliance (GSA), we bought into the marketing spin that the new connector framework would support searching for content within existing enterprise content management systems.Unfortunately, after CMSWatch spent some quality hands-on time with the GSA, there are some significant gaps in functionality.For example, the GSA has substantial difficulties collecting and indexing content that resides within a SharePoint repository.Considering the blistering proliferation of MOSS 2007 installs, this is an alarming blindspot for Google.Along with the SharePoint woes, the much bally-hooed connector framework depends on the available of an external web application to access content.Furthermore, the GSA also lacks advanced tuning controls that have become par for the course in enterprise search.The lead analyst of the Enterprise Search Report, Adriaan Bloem, described the situation like this: "Customers report that once you reach the limits of the appliance, you're pretty much stuck".Google's reputation proceeds them.Because of this, there are many soon-to-be MOSS 2007 shops that are implementing a GSA on faith alone.Let's hope this information gets out in time to keep them from having to rip out and re-implement.If your organization is in the market for an enterprise search solution, we encourage to procure a copy of report.Along those lines, we would love hear about your experiences with the Google Search Appliance, scroll down and share your thoughts.