Riding the hype of the Semantic Web (it isn't just around the corner; it will also make you blush), which Content Wrangler says will consist of "technologies that help people 'do stuff'," a geeky set of musicologists give us SeeqPod. In its own way, the concept is pretty clever. You hit SeeqPod, conduct a search for a song, and in Google speed, you get real-live playable results."Playable Search" is the result of biomimetic search and discovery technology (thank you Lawrence Berkeley National Labs!), which "mimics the way the human mind might use context to make an recall associations," according to creators. It falls under the search optimization category, except instead of developing a tight algorithm for relevant results across a range of topics, it focuses on one: music. SeeqPod is still in beta but what we've seen thus far is pretty clever. Like Content Wrangler (apparently a big New Order fan), we wanted to try it, so we ran a search for something relatively obscure: the Danger Mouse mix of Jay-Z's The Black Album and The Beatles' The White Album, appropriately called The Grey Album. The mix, which had its heyday a couple of years ago, is next to impossible to find in completion on the Internet unless you know where to look. And forget about buying it at a record store. SeeqPod returned almost every track, and all were playable right inside the search engine - no laggage, no busy graphics. There are also Audio/Video search result tabs, so you can toggle between your visual or mere auditory poison. Check it out:
Cool, right? Cheers to technology that helps you "do stuff," otherwise known as instant gratification, brought to you by [insert music industry-oriented future SeeqPod sponsor here].