Simplexo Fast and Efficient Enterprise Search
Simplexo, an open source enterprise search oriented company, has recently announced a new and unique enterprise search tool that allows searches of structured and unstructured content in real-time.Realizing the growth of stored information in a plethora of formats, Simplexo set out to create a simple, reliable and efficient search tool that will allow non-technical users the ability to perform single-click searches of various types of content. Enterprise search is a fairly time-intensive task, but Simplexo wants to simplify things. Simplexo Enterprise leverages existing indexing abilities of databases and legacy software. The search tool also discovers up-to-date information in real time while queries can be performed at lightning fast speeds as previous searches on indexed pages are cached. The company also enjoys touting its one-click search mechanism.

Simplexo Enterprise Search Features

Simplexo contains a nice feature set that many users might appreciate: * Open source * Platform independent * Returns real-time search data * Maintains security with AES 256 encryption * Single-click search * API for third-party development and enhancement Also, Simplexo supports many data structures -- structured and unstructured: * MS/Open Office Files * Adobe PDF Files (including OCR) * Postscript Files * Web Pages * Text Files * Images * Email (both active and archived) * Databases, such as Oracle, MS Access, ODBC * Business applications, such as Remedy, SAP, etc * CRM applications, such as Salesforce * Accounting applications, such as SAGE * HR applications, such as Northgate * Information portals, such as SharePoint * Payroll applications I'm sure there is plenty more, but the best part about it is that Simplexo Enterprise Search can be downloaded and used by anyone for free. There is a price if a customer prefers to have support provided by Simplexo, otherwise there is a community support forum.

Enterprise Search

The Buter Group, independent research analysts, recently reported that information-workers spend up to 20 hours a week searching. Gartner, another research firm, stated that enterprise search will be one of the highest impact trends through 2012, with the market expected to top US$ 1.2 billion by 2010. Alistair Handyside, CEO of Simplexo, believes that his search tool will be an effective tool within the enterprise environment: "We believe Simplexo Enterprise will significantly reduce the amount of time information workers spend looking for information. We are responding to an increasing demand for the ability to simultaneously and securely search huge and diverse data repositories across the enterprise, enabling rapid information discovery and accurate decision-making." In light of reports of the demise of SaaS enterprise search, Simplexo shines through. Simplexo can be downloaded for free on Simplexo's official Website. There's also a video on their homepage showing how Simplexo can help enterprises handle document management and search.