Is social taking precious time out of your already busy schedule?

According to the 2011 Social Media Marking Industry Report, the majority of marketers are using social media for 6 hours or more each week, and more than one third spend 11 hours or more. If you’re committing a significant part of your work week to social, you’ll want to know how to make the most of your time and maximize your social media activities -- especially if you have other responsibilities. Here are five ways digital asset management (DAM) can maximize the time you invest in social media marketing.

1. Reuse and Repurpose

DAM can save time by providing a repository of rich media content that can be reused and repurposed. Instead of wasting time tracking down existing content, creating new content -- or even worse, recreating existing content that can’t be found -- DAM becomes a one-stop shop for rich media and content ideas. For example, DAM can serve as your own stock photo collection, providing imagery for use in blog posts. While Google image search is a great way to find engaging pictures for your blog posts, most images are protected by copyright. Creating a catalog of product shots, purchased stock, existing graphics and brand elements creates a resource that quickly provides licensed and owned content.

2. Reuse, but Don’t Repost

Knowing where content has already been used is the key to reusing and repurposing rich media. DAM can track where content has been shared and other usage details. For example, metadata fields within a DAM can serve as a “checklist” for sharing content and tracking status. Have we already posted this? Check the DAM. Where else do we need to post this? Check the DAM.

3. Get Rich Media Right

Video and images are a great for engaging, informing and entertaining followers. However, there’s more to video and image formats than meets the eye. Different social networks, computers and mobile devices use different formats and quality settings. Many social tools and networks provide options for automatically converting, formatting and resizing rich media but at the cost of slower upload times and reduced control. DAM allows you to manage a single, high-quality version of an asset and generate derivatives on demand. Instead of uploading gigabytes of a high definition movie to a video sharing site, a lower resolution clip generated from a DAM can be uploaded in a fraction of the time. Conversion presets in DAM also help guide less tech savvy users to the right formats. For example, a “Download for Blog Post” preset can automatically crop and resize images using optimal settings.

4. Help Others Help You

To maximize your time commitment, you need help from others inside and outside of the company, which often means giving up some control of your brand to your customers and employees. DAM can arm your brand ambassadors with materials that make it easy for them to champion your products, while staying close to brand guidelines. For example, self-service web portals powered by DAM can help get the right content to the right people by automatically distributing approved and current product shots, logos, icons, reviews and other content via password-protected websites.

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5. Capture Community Content

Use DAM to create a catalog of community-generated content for managing rich media created by customers, partners and employees. The catalog can include where the content came from, who should receive credit for the content, if the creator has given permission to use the content elsewhere, release forms and other rights information (it may be your brand, but the creator retains copyright). Not only does a catalog of community-generated media provide a rich resource of content, but it also provides useful information for internal use on how your product is used and perceived by the community.

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DAM can help maximize your time commitment to social by improving efficiency. Being able to quickly find, reuse, convert, collaborate and collect content with DAM can help you reclaim part of your work week for other responsibilities or additional social efforts.

Have you thought about managing social media assets in your DAM? Do you use DAM to improve efficiency in your social efforts? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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