Are intranets becoming obsolete? 

No way, say officials at Jostle, the 20-employee operation that offers what it calls turnkey intranet software in the cloud.

Some industry estimates cite employee intranet engagement at less than 50 percent. Jostle, however, claims some clients report 85 percent of its employees use the Jostle platform regularly.

Why Jostle?


In fact, organizations have become so excited with the software, they’ve had Jostle-themed company parties with Jostle cupcakes being consumed by Jostle T-Shirt wearing employees.

It’s true -- we saw the pictures in a recent Jostle platform demo.

“Highlighting people and their contributions should be the mission of the digital hub of the organization,” Deb Lavoy, Jostle vice president of marketing, told CMSWire. “The magical piece about Jostle is that it enables organizations” to have a structured global voice as well as an unstructured flow of information. 

“People can share information with whom they want to share information,” Lavoy added.

We know there exists an abundance of intranet software out there

So why should companies choose Jostle intranet software? 

social business, Intranets Dead in Workplace? Not So Fast, Says Jostle

Lavoy broke it down these ways:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Approach to the problem. Jostle is focused on connecting the organization as a whole -- the people, the leadership and the teams.
  2. TEAMS technology. A recently patented piece of software, TEAMS, Jostle says, makes it easy to navigate teams, projects and committees and get updates. It captures workplace structures including matrix reporting, self-managed teams and communities of practice. It can sync reports to relationships with other systems. You can target information to specific teams, roles or locations in a click (i.e. publish a news story that is only visible to engineers working in Germany). “Stay tuned for much more info on this,” Lavoy told CMSWire. “It’s the technology that maps organization relationships and enables permissioning and browsing.”
  3. Jostle’s design. It is “strongly focused on making it easy and desirable for as many people as possible to participate. It is also great on mobile. It just works,” Lavoy said.
  4. Turnkey. Jostle is cloud-based and is deployed in days, as compared to weeks, months or even years with competitors, according to Lavoy. No IT resources required.

Connecting People, Information

Indeed, during the demo for CMSWire, the intranet platform proved to be heavy on images, including many faces. A highlight in the platform is the news feed, a collection of events, announcements, pictures and photos users can customize. A company Christmas party is easily retrievable by clicking on a picture of Santa himself that’s clearly spotted in the news feed.

Employees are easily found through search, photos, departments and teams.

Contact information and roles are highlighted, and uploading that kind of material is seamless, according to Jostle officials.

“Titles and organization info are generally imported from whatever system is already in place,” Lavoy said. “We have compatibility with most major systems including Google Docs. Headshots can be done several ways, sometimes by Human Resources or a Human Resource system and sometimes by the employees themselves.”

Who are the champions of Jostle implementation? Lavoy said Jostle gets four kinds: employee communications is big as is IT leadership. Also common are marketing and HR.

“Usually it's a discussion that includes all of these with IT and communications at the head,” Lavoy said. “There is no SharePoint deployment requirement. It just comes right out of the box.”

What’s Next?

Because Jostle is a cloud-based platform, it’s updated frequently.

“The next big rocks: Android, an improved API and the gorgeous calendar that will roll out over the summer,” Lavoy said.