Startups are quite adept at turning brands into verbs, or even ordinary verbs into brands. You can now "google" things you want to search for or "tweet" short updates online. Brace yourself for another potential verb that's about to become very popular in the social media scene: buffer

Buffer is a service that lets users schedule tweets or Facebook updates ahead of time -- essentially letting you "buffer" your updates. With its acquisition of rival service ShareFeed, Buffer gets insights into user data along with a few other benefits.

Buffer Your Posts

We actually featured Buffer a few months back, with highlights on the service's usefulness to social media marketers. To date, Buffer says it has about 200,000 users and growing, at a rate of 20 percent monthly. Twenty-five percent of Buffer users are active on a daily basis, posting 100,000 updates daily to social media services like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Buffer has announced its acquisition of competitor ShareFeed, through which KISSmetrics CEO Hiten Shah will also come on board as mentor and advisor. Shah launched ShareFeed as a side project, and says he decided to go for the acquisition as he "cannot fully focus on ShareFeed," and believes the combination of Buffer and ShareFeed should be a "product which is adapting with the trends of sharing."

Technology and Data

According to Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich, ShareFeed's contribution to Buffer would mostly be its post-scheduling technology itself, as well as user data, with the service having "collected tons of useful data and survey results from ShareFeed users." Buffer is confident that this data -- along with Shah's mentorship -- will be key drivers of growth for the company.

Neither company has disclosed the terms of the deal, and even the timelines are still being worked out. For now, Buffer has closed down new ShareFeed signups, and will work to "help ShareFeed users transition seamlessly to using Buffer."

Buffer has already implemented improvements as a result of its new collaboration with Shah, such as an improved Buffer browser extension that lets users buffer or share posts directly from a website.