Cirtix Podio Extends to Android, Highlights Customization
Collaborative work platform provider Podio is releasing a new app for the Android platform. The app, available for download on Google Play, enables Android users to employ the full range of Citrix Podio features on their devices.

“The Podio collaborative work platform is designed to let you live and work anywhere,” Podio co-founder Kasper Hulthin said during a recent sit-down interview with CMSWire. “It’s a social work process repository. You can share a file or data everywhere.”


Podio works through apps based on the Podio platform which can either be developed or acquired free through the Podio app market. Any third-party app is fully customizable, and development templates allow non-technical professionals to develop and customize apps.

Hulthin thinks that having users develop and customize their own unique apps is more effective than using standardized apps.

“There is a contentment and pride the individual gets from building their own apps,” he said.

Use Web-Built Apps on Mobile

With the new Android app, Android device users will have access to the same apps through their mobile devices as they do through their desktops. Web-built apps can be used via mobile device with no additional coding or development.

In addition, Android users can perform collaborative tasks such as posting status messages in shared Podio workstreams, managing and assigning workflow tasks, and accessing company contact directories.

“We want to create new ways of people working,” said Hulthin. “Now you have your work with you everywhere.”

The Email Alternative

While Hulthin made it clear his company is not out to replace traditional collaboration technologies (as evidenced by email integrations with the platform), Benzinga describes the Android app as providing “more powerful, collaborative and social alternatives to spreadsheets, documents and email.”

A Benzinga article on the new Podio Android app release gives the example of project managers using Podio's Simple Project Management app on Android to “track the progress of projects and deliverables, edit content and add comments in the right workspace, keeping everyone on the same page whether they're in the office or on the road.”

Citrix Reaches Out with Podio

Collaboration technology provider Citrix purchased three-year-old Podio in April of this year with the aim of integrating the platform into its GoTo cloud services portfolio. In July, Citrix made its first major effort at extending the reach of Podio by rolling out two new platform integrations with Outlook Exchange Calendar and Google Calendar.

Since the purchase, Citrix has also integrated Podio with YouSendIt, ShareFile, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Google Docs. Podio also provides an app for users of iOS-based mobile devices.