Just over a year since it originally launched Business v1.0, Evernote has announced that it will release v2.0 towards the end of this week.

The announcement was made at Evernote’s EC3 conference last week. Like v1.0, the new version will be for the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) space, or for small teams within large enterprises.

Evernote Business 2.0 adds a number of new features that improve the capture and information sharing functionality of Evernote 1.0, but the company is really marketing integration with Salesforce this time, with the concurrent launch of the Evernote for Salesforce app.

However, while the Salesforce integration will be a useful to those that use Salesforce, ultimately this is about making the Evernote Business app more social.

Evernote v2.0

The new features aim to enable deeper collaboration across teams including Shared Notebooks in the new Business Home, which Evernote describes as a central place for all the data that is available across the enterprise.

As a result, enterprise users will be able to search and browse content across all notebooks that have been made public in the enterprise. Evernote Business will also provide details about a notebook itself including information about who created it and when, and what content has been added to it.

Evernote 2.0 also makes it easier to find expertise across the company. It does this by suggesting other users in the company that may have experience, or expert knowledge, in the subject area users are working in.

Social Buiness_Evernote Business Home.jpg

Those recommendations are based on the Notebooks that have already been shared, or on the information that is contained in other users’ public notebooks.

There is other functionality here too, like the ability to create content, or upload profile pics, while a couple of additions for IT departments will make account administration easier.

Evernote for Salesforce

If Evernote has been gaining considerable traction across the SMB space since it was launched, its launch of an app for Salesforce should keep up the momentum here.

Using the same capabilities that are available in v2.0, the Salesforce App offers the same collaborative experience for those working with Salesforce and Evernote together.

With the new app, users will be able to add sales information, customer research and contacts, and even email exchanges between users and clients, to a client’s profile for a deeper and growing understanding of that customer.

Social Buiness_Evernote App for Salesforce.jpg

This means that those working across Evernote will be able to identify, capture and share customer information across the enterprise, and do that quicker and more efficiently than before. It also means that once information is added to a client’s dossier, notification of those updates will appear in Salesforce Chatter.

Agile Evernote

Evernote has been dealing out its version of social business since 2008. In the short time that it has been around, it has responded to changes in the social business space as they happened.

When it became clear that users in bigger companies were looking for a little more business bite in their Evenote app then was available at the time, it introduced a business version that catered for larger groups of workers.

Earlier this year, it also improved its Android and iOS mobile apps with easier and more efficient search as Google developed its note-taking abilities with its Keep-note taking app.

This time around, it has improved its ability to find information and expertise across the enterprise as more information becomes available to users, while the Salesforce app provides that information to those working with, and in, Salesforce. It is not clear where this is going in the future, but we probably will not have long to wait to find out.