Hot on the heels of Google's Keep announcement, Evernote has been boosting its profile with a string of news, including updates for its mobile apps, adding new features and other improvements. 

Flexing Mobile Muscle

While the two events might not be directly linked, Google's announcement of its Keep note-taking app, seems to have spurred Evernote into a burst of activity with updates for the Windows Phone app. First up is the redesigned homescreen. It gives users quicker access to everything they need, including note creation, search and shortcuts.

The app also offers improved shortcuts and tagging with the shortcuts letting users jump to any note, notebook or tag that they need regular access to. Shortcuts can be created easily and will sync across platforms to your Mac and Android app. 

Evernote's Tag List is also significantly more compact, increasing the number of tags you can see in one place. Users can move to tags by letter rather than scrolling. Document Search has also been added as a premium feature, allowing users to find text within Microsoft Word, iWork or OpenOffice files. 


Evernote's new front end improves the user experience

A Handier Android App

Evernote 5 for Android was actually launched earlier in the week, which has a host of different features added to it. This app starts out with a new multi-shot mode for the camera, allowing you to add  multiple images to a notepad and it can also take better photos of documents to improve readability.


If you use a Moleskine notepad, then there are some clever features between the paper and the app that allow for better images thanks to some tracking dots on the paper, while stickers in the book can help the app auto-assign tags for your notes.

The app also adds Document Search, tagging for business and other features, plus speed and performance improvements. While Evernote shouldn't feel too threatened by Google Keep (in its current early form) the company is clearly not resting on its laurels.