Google's badly-kept-secret note taking service called Keep has finally been formally unveiled, putting all your thoughts into Google's cloud via an Android app. 

Keep Hold of Your Dreams

For all its power, the smartphone was pretty rubbish at keeping all the random useful thoughts and ideas, things you found online and out in the real world in one place. Evernote wasn't the first to capture these spurious memes, but it is pretty much viewed as the benchmark, and now Google is trying to wade into that digital note-taker space. 

Google Keep offers a way to keep written ideas, audio trains of thoughts (which can be transcribed), photos of useful places, objects and visual queues plus other information, all stored on Google Drive. Available as an app for Android 4.0 devices and above, you can color code notes by task, put old thoughts aside in an archive and view them from any device or PC. 

A Better Brain?

For those with a fallible memory, or a torrent of ideas they can't possibly keep up with, Keep offers an intuitive way to store things, but adds little new to the world of Evernote (which is available for most devices) and comparable apps. Evernote has also moved on in the market with a move evolved product and apps like Hello to remind you of the people you meet in a way that's ideal for people to whom faces and names are all a blur.  

While Hello might not sway the mass of Evernote-takers out there, it still provides a useful way for Android and Google users to keep a track of things. Read more and get the official app here. Presumably an iOS and Windows Phone app will be along shortly to spread the message.