Flowdock Offers Streamlined Collaboration for Developers
Flowdock is aimed at software developers and other technical departments working in remote teams, offering a cloud-based inbox with chat for quick-and-easy discussions.

Open for Better Business

Flowdock from Nodeta has now been live for almost a year now, combining the inbox with a growing chat function to help those in the likes of the web and software development fields collaborate through problems, big and small. This year it has added mobile support (in beta), integration for Atlassian and launched a public API, and has big plans for the future.

Acting as a conduit between typical email and chat conversations, and the knowledge management function, comes Flowdock, moving all those potentially disparate messages and sources of information into one useful repository. With it in place, everyone involved in a project can help sort out problems and work from the right answer, all in one lightweight browser-based solution.

Flowdock encourages collaboration and retains all your results and knowledge

Flowdock encourages collaboration and retains all your results and knowledge

Go With the Flow

Flowdock is available as a 30-day free trial and comes with a range of packages for different levels of users and storage, starting at US$ 19 per month for six users and 1GB space. In use, there is a "flows" section that lets companies have different groups of users for projects or task segments in different views, with a view menu showing content and a chat menu for discussions.

 Flowdock can be added to Google Apps and integrated with other project management tools, wikis and other tools, including good old IRC for old-school coders. It even provides a neat set of instructions for integrating with most tools.

In 2012, the developers hope to add mobile Flowdock apps for iOS and Android, bi-directional integrations and tighter integration for Atlassian's continuous integration service, Bamboo and other features.

While there are plenty of collaboration tools from the likes of Yammer and Campfire, Flowdock is focusing on the developer niche, but it could really be applied across any sphere of operations where problem-solving, chat and staying in-the-loop are essentials.