The Google Search Appliance (GSA), first introduced ten years ago, is getting upgraded. Version 7.0 from the search giant provides new capabilities for employees to find what they need inside an enterprise.

The GSA, a bright yellow piece of hardware containing Google’s enterprise search software, allows workers to query from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Administrators can add content to be searched from cloud storage, the public web or social networking sites. The new version also integrates with SharePoint 2010.

Entity Recognition, 'Wisdom'

Google's Enterprise Blog notes that one of the new functions in the GSA update is Entity Recognition, which will automatically identify, classify, tag and suggest content that might apply to the user’s search query. There is also the ability for an employee to add their own search results, employing the “wisdom of crowds.”

Other new features in GSA 7.0 include document preview, where thumbnail previews accompany search results. Queries can also return suggestions of people within an organization who have expertise matching the information being sought. The integration with SharePoint 2010 allows the Search Appliance to draw on employees’ profiles to find organizational experts.

Google Translate can now provide automatic translations between 60+ languages in the results, and the company said that improved language capabilities include an enhanced parsing of such complex languages as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean to generate more relevant results.

GGoogle's Search Appliance Integrates with SharePoint, Adds Entity Recognition

Google, Year 2000

GSA also offers a new interface and a stepped-up performance, such that one rack of GSAs can accommodate a search field of a billion pages -- equivalent to Google’s main search index back in 2000.

Google’s suggested use cases for the GSA include reducing cost and increasing performance at a contact center. This can be achieved by encouraging customers to find their own answers on a company Web site instead of calling the contact center, or by agents resolving issues through fewer inquiries. The technology giant said that, with the new GSA, average call time reduction is up to 20 percent, and agent training costs can be reduced up to 25 percent.