Last summer, eBay was busy acquiring companies in an effort to put together a developer platform called X.Commerce. While its presence has been muted, its open platform aims to helps merchants and businesses of all sizes to “compete and thrive in a fast-changing world of social, local, mobile and digital driven commerce.” eBay isn’t the only working to make it easier for business to buy, sell or market their services to one another. Enter gotradelive.

A Social Network of Legal Tenders

Gotradelive is a free business networking platform with real-time buying, selling and marketing tools that lets users control and brand themselves as needed. Companies that have goods to sell don’t always want to make them publicly available, nor do they always have the time to sell at the last minute. Gotradelive provides a private network for companies to set up a trade to sell, or tender products or services, invite who they want to see it and then let them offer a price that meets the seller's needs. After the trade event, companies can complete the business deal on their own terms.

By integrating social elements into their business application, users can engage similarly to familiar consumer platforms, like Google+ and Facebook, without having to make it public. Companies can create networks of different users, while managing which groups can connect with each other. A home page news feed shows relevant sales available in your network, which can be customized at any time.

Learning Opportunities

Social Business Sells

As well, unlike other e-Commerce platforms, businesses set their own terms for sales and deliveries, giving them the freedom and flexibility to handle sales independently from gotradelive. In fact, the whole process is free to set up and maintain. Gotradelive’s business model thrives off of advertising featured within the site; users can upgrade to eliminate advertisements from showing.

Gotradelive is able to combine social networking with business enterprise services while simplifying the process for sellers and buyers alike. Ideal for selling consumer electronics, food services and medical equipment, particularly in bulk, gotradelive makes it possible to sell to reputable and trustworthy companies.

Currently live and ready for business in the United Kingdom, domestic users can look for a US launch sometime in March.