Huddle Undermines SharePoint With Free Access to Enterprise Accounts

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Huddle Undermines SharePoint With Free Access to Enterprise Accounts
Huddle's new Enterprise Unlimited offering will open up business accounts to customers, partners and others to expand the concept of collaboration beyond your office's walls.

An Extended Huddle

Huddle has made a couple of announcements, offering a money-back 99.9% up-time guarantee and, the major one, an Enterprise Unlimited offering that opens up your collaborative efforts by allowing internal teams as well as customers, partners and other interested parties access to your Huddles (where appropriate, obviously).

This "Lite" offering will let Huddle guests view or download files related to a project. They can also add comments to documents, files, whiteboards and discussions, getting involved in issues that could improve your business, a project or simply improve relations with these parties. Huddle has free apps for most smartphones including iOS and Android.

The Unlimited Enterprise package also includes unlimited workspaces and API access, advanced customization options, mobile access, data export, AD Integration and global support. Embracing the cloud and other services, like the recent addition of support for Zimbra, Huddle is taking serious aim at SharePoint and looks like 2012 will see it gaining further ground.

Learning Opportunities

99.9% (They Mean It)

Huddle is now supported by a money-back guarantee. True Uptime supports all product updates and includes downtime due to maintenance. Huddle claims that most cloud providers offer similar guarantees, but they don’t cover scheduled downtime. With its rivals suffering embarrassing outages last year, at least if Huddle goes down, users know they will be recompensed, although check the fine print for how much.

Huddle is also expanding its nonprofit offering to help charities and other organizations benefit from its services and help distributed users work together on mobile or notebook for best results. The company has now donated over US$ 3 million worth of Huddle and plans to expand that in 2012 and beyond.