Jive Releases iPad, Android + iPhone Apps
Jive Software has released its Present presentation software for iPad and Android, and two other apps for the iPad and iPhone.

Mobile on the Move

Jive says it has seen an increase in mobile usage with its applications by 435% in the last year, a number that is hard to ignore. No wonder then, the company is rolling out three apps and an updated SDK as well. Jive for iPad, Jive Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and the above mentioned Present app are the official names of the social business apps.

Jive Mobile 2.0 still works for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch, but the Jive Software app is made just for the iPad. Jive for iPad features a layout redesign, rich text editor and visual search filter that will be released after the app debuts. Jive Mobile is up to version 2.0, and the action streams are now customizable so people can curate just the content they need. It is also said to be 50% faster, and includes a slide out side menu.

Presenting Present

Jive Present is a presentation app for turning content into a creative, rich tool for showing off sales pitches, product launches or training sessions. Present can even connect to a CRM system for accessing contacts and syncing activities and notes. Jive Present is now live on the iPad, and the Android version will release in July. We think Jive customers are going to be impressed by Present, and particularly when used on the iPad, it is a seemingly powerful piece of kit.

Present allows sales reps to stay connected to colleagues during a presentation.

Jive seems to be pretty excited by all these mobile activities, and it seems part of the reason it’s releasing all these apps at the same time is it wants to court developers. We’ve heard Jive isn’t always the easiest system to customize, so building a native app with Jive tools at the center sounds like it could be a way to do just that.

The Jive iOS SDK allows developers to bake in Jive’s social functionality into their apps by providing a wrapper for the REST API, and offering continuous deployment. Jive has released a couple of new tools recently, aside from its own mobile apps. It announced a tool called StreamOnce in May after it bought up the company of the same name, and it allows companies to turn email into a more collaborative environment.

Also in May, the company released its own version of the Producteev task management app it had bought at the end of 2012. Additionally, Jive recently snapped up a company called Clara, and its predictive and analytic capabilities have been integrated into Jive’s tools.