Jive Just Got Smarter via Clara Acquisition, Integration

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It can’t be said often enough: the companies who use data the best will win the future. 

And “data” can come from so many different sources and mean so many different things -- from points and clicks, to “likes” and tweets, to who you are, how you speak, who your “friends” and influencers are, what turns you on or off, what triggers you to make decisions and when … the possibilities are endless.

Enterprises can drown in all of this information, or they can use it. Smart companies are going for the latter; they are selectively and intelligently engaging with their communities and learning from their activities and sentiments to anticipate customer behavior, including their loyalty, likelihood to buy and to envisage customer churn.

And in these days of Big Data and predictive analytics, counting “likes” and retweets will no longer suffice.

“It’s no longer about Social for Social’s sake,” says Tim Zonca, Director, Product Marketing at Jive Software, “It’s about using (Social and Big Data) for a purpose.“

The purpose, where Jive is concerned, is about gaining insights from information and then using those insights to help teams, communities and companies to make decisions and to get work done.

It is with that mission in mind that Jive purchased Icelandic based CLARA last week. Its product, Resonata, is a SaaS play whose tools have helped companies understand their communities, predict their behavior and take proactive actions.

Today Jive is announcing that it has integrated Resonata‘s predictive capabilities into its software/services spanning three key areas of Social business:

  • Jive Resonata helps companies obtain community insight that drives revenue, customer service and satisfaction
  • Impact Metrics help individuals and departments to measure the impact of their business communications on their key constituents
  • Business Foresight helps departments to improve productivity and revenue through better corporate alignment.

Moving Beyond Measurement to Prediction

Zonca says that Jive Resonata goes way beyond what other tools in the marketplace do, instead of merely looking at community activity as a whole, it identifies the key influencers in that community, looks at their behavior and is able to predict what will happen next if nothing changes.

Gunnar Hólmsteinn, founder of Clara explains that with Jive Resonata ”businesses can optimize communications and collaboration processes that directly impact their business results.” And they can do this in very short order.

Hólmsteinn was able to demonstrate how CLARA’s former clients continuously accomplished this by using Resonata’s tools. His illustration combined Big Data with Predictive Analytics to show how businesses could distinguish between the “canary in the coal mine” from the loud mouth in the community and proactively make smarter data-driven decisions.

We were impressed by what we saw. Jive Resonata is available to Jive customers today.

Learning Opportunities

Fine Tuning Communications

Jive’s Impact Metrics service uses Clara’s tools to discern how communications impact communities. Suppose, for example, that key constituents in a community become suddenly disengaged. Jive customers can look at impact metrics to determine what activity might be responsible for the fall-off.

And because the disengagement occurs within key influencers first, companies can modify behavior before the fall-off becomes widespread. Something as simple as a memo by the CEO of a gaming company that caused disengagement by the company’s most active users could be identified as a root cause and corrective action could be taken before the reaction became widespread. This, for example, is clearly something that Facebook could use when it makes a policy changes.

Aligning Teams

Misalignment between departments, project teams and individuals working closely together can waste time, waste money and impact business results. Jive users will soon be able to look at the way groups use information to determine what content is useful versus that which is not and help group members focus their activities around what’s helpful and what matters instead of spending time wading through clutter. 

You Don’t Have To be a Data Scientist to use Jive’s New Tools

And perhaps what’s most impressive is that these new tools are accessible to the average user -- no data scientist training required. Everyone within the Enterprise can access insights and then make choices to help them achieve their business objectives

Companies who already use Jive will now have a leg-up on the competition, provided they make use of these tools. And Enterprises who don’t yet use Jive, should take a look and given that the company offers a free trial.

Jive has redefined what being “close to the customer” and close to a community means.