Jostle is adding a secure file sharing and viewing component to its existing cloud-based intranet solution to provide a higher level of "robustness, security and functionality," Jostle’s CEO Brad Palmer said.  Through an integration with Citrix ShareFile, Palmer said Jostle will be better able to meet the needs of its clients.

The company introduced a file sharing and discovery service two years ago. But as customer use of the search feature has scaled and the platform attracted more enterprise clients, Palmer said the need for a more reliable and robust solution became clear. So Jostle went shopping for a partner and ultimately chose Citrix, due to its reputation in the industry, Palmer said.

Search and Find

ShareFile will provide several features including additional safeguards through file encryption, better protection against data loss, greater users control over folder and file access and activity notifications.

Jostle claims to be unique because it not only allows users to search for information, but also to match information with its source. “It makes it easy for people to discover information in the enterprise, particularly information they might not know exists,” he said.

The system proves useful not only in settings where a clear chain of documentation is critical, such as Kelowna Flightcraft, which flies and repairs aircraft, or in medical clinics, where documentation has a “life and death character,” said Palmer. But the technology could also benefit other types of businesses, such as retail chains and restaurants that need to coordinate and organize functions across a multitude of settings.

The new system capabilities should also give users added peace of mind that they are using an enterprise-grade, well designed, well certified platform, Palmer boasted.

“Combining the powerful file sharing capability of ShareFile with the remarkable organizational communications power of Jostle is a clear win for users,” said Bill O’Boyle, business development manager for Citrix, noted in a statement. “Putting content in the context of people and organization is a powerful concept.”

Jostle customers can now opt for either Citrix ShareFile or Google Drive integration as a standard part of their Jostle intranet subscription.

The partnership with Citrix not only made this venture possible, but opened up the opportunity for future collaboration, said Palmer.