Klout Secures More Funding, Hints at Mobile Innovations
2011 proved to be an interesting year for Klout, the scores of which aim to measure influence based on your ability to drive action online. But it's not dwelling too much on past mistakes, such as linking to unregistered users’ Facebook accounts without authorization, or improving its algorithm so much that it lowered scores dramatically. Regardless of these gaffes, Klout is focused on the future and it has big plans for 2012.

Klout To Go Mobile

Klout not only secured a new round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins, but has decided to invest it in ways that improve engineering and infrastructure. Namely, it is looking to work on a mobile initiative. At present, Klout doesn’t have a mobile application and while it’s not entirely clear that there will be one, Klout has made it known that it wants to make sure “Klout users are recognized for their influence every place they go.” We can only imagine that this sentiment lends itself to a mobile application.

More Money, More Innovation

Despite Klout’s notable mistakes, it did make some considerable gains in 2011. In December, it released a big update to its topic system, which followed additions of Google+ and LinkedIn into the list of Klout score influencers. With new funding, rumored to be much more than last year’s US$ 8.5 million, Klout is definitely focused on bringing new innovations to its scoring platform.

Of course, it is too soon to tell exactly what it is, but we’ll be keeping an eye on developments as they happen. In the meantime, tell us what you’d you like to see from Klout in 2012.