Continuing the development of its sales lifecycle management, KnowledgeTree has announced the release of KnowledgeTree for Mobile that enables users to access collateral information around sales prospects from their mobile.

KnowledgeTree for Mobile

The development of the new tools in practical terms fills the gaps in the sales process that may arise because of a failure to communicate effectively between sales and marketing departments. That is not to say that the two departments don't communicate. It just means that the kind of information that istransmitted is not always the information that is needed to close a sale.

The result -- KnowledgeTree Mobile, which enables enterprises to discover information that is relevant to the sale that is being pursued at a given time. Mobile finds enterprise information that may help remote workers close a sale and provides that information to them on their iOS mobile device.

Customers rely on presentations, datasheets and other content marketing tools to make buying decisions … But half of sales people are unhappy with the content that Marketing provides. Why? Sales professionals don't need access to every piece of content. They need content that speaks to their customers’ unique needs” Daniel Chalef, CEO ofKnowledgeTree.

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KnowledgeTree for Mobile

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Mobile Feedback

But this is not all that KnowledgeTree is offering today. It is also providing feedback for mobile sales teams through KnowledgeTree for Salesforce. This provides marketing departments with insights into what information has worked for sales teams through feedback created by rich analytics and commentary. This also flags any updates to content, be that new collateral content or feedback on the effectiveness of that content, through notifications that are posted through their mobile devices. On top of this, when marketing revises content, or adds new collateral, sales teams are instantly notified on their mobile devices and in their CRM’s activity feed. 

KnowledgeTree for Mobile is available now in the Apple App Store. It is free to install and connects to KnowledgeTree’s software-as-a-service solution.