Mindjet has rolled its most powerful products into one comprehensive solution for growing businesses.

It's called Mindjet for Enterprise, and it includes the popular MindManager task management software, SharePoint collaboration system Connect SP and a new version of Mindjet Connect for cloud-based file sharing and management. Additionally, Mindjet has launched a new, ultra-modern looking website to show off its shiny new offerings. 

Enterprise Needs + Social & Mobile

By now, this seems like a natural progression as enterprise 2.0 seeps into the boardroom and beyond. But that doesn't diminish how powerful Mindjet for Enterprise looks to be.

Companies looking for streamlined systems for project management, mobile solutions and SharePoint integration have a great new option with Mindjet for Enterprise. This package is meant for teams of over 100, however Mindjet for Teams is also available for teams of 10-100, and that goes for around US$ 100 per month per license.


Mindjet for Enterprise combines mobile solutions, SharePoint integration and mind mapping into one system.

Mindjet for Enterprise includes the above mentioned systems, but also premium support and service (sales, IT, HR, etc.) for customized options and flexible solutions. The cornerstone of the new package, however, is MindManager, and it's a great tool for visualizing workflows and tracking project ownership in a clear, interactive environment.

Mindjet Connect V4

On the collaboration side, Mindjet Connect is your all in, cloud-based solution for planning, researching and content management from the office or on the move. That's because there's secure Connect apps for iPhone, iPad and even Android. Sign in with social media, share ideas and execute plans and track activity from any device.

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Connect V4 works across devices, and free apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Furthermore, Mindjet Connect SP is also part of Mindjet for Enterprise, and by integrating with Microsoft SharePoint, this little guy can simplify many tasks that SharePoint users may not be taking advantage of. This includes simpler SharePoint navigation and more visual project management for teams to truly leverage the power of SharePoint.

In particular, the content mapping power of Connect will save time by helping people find the content they need inside SharePoint. 

The same can be said for Connect, and the free mobile apps themselves are great for brainstorming while you commute, for example. Mapping ideas out in a visual way is what Connect is all about, and those ideas can even be shared via Dropbox.