Mobile App of the Week: Employee Engagement with Socialcast

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Keeping with our employee engagement theme, this week’s Mobile App of the Week is Socialcast, which is designed to act a social networking and communication platform for those who use Socialcast Communities.

What is Socialcast?

As an enterprise social and collaboration platform, Socialcast, which was founded in 2008 and acquired by VMWare in 2011, gives large companies the means to be more productive and connect in a digital environment. As with Yammer, Socialcast is based around an activity stream so that employees can collaborate, discuss projects and issues and work in a more engaging environment -- whether working away from an office setting or unable to leave their desk.

Within the activity stream, users are able to create, manage andorganize conversions, upload documents and media files such as video andaudio. Also, users can create an in-depth employee profile, createpublic or private groups, and there are organization charts that listcompany members and the ability schedule online meetings with the Town Hall feature.

Additional capabilities of Socialcast include Social Business Intelligence analytics to monitor employee engagement, and integration capabilities with services like SharePoint and Salesforce.

The Mobile Solution

The mobile version of Socialcast, which is available for Blackberry, iOS and Android devices, is merely an on-the-go extension of the Socialcast network.

With this app, users can do the majority of what they can on the desktop version of the site, such as viewingand posting content to custom and public activity streams, posting comments, likes, following and un-following users. They can also write emails and call colleagues right from their mobile devices based off information in the recipient's employee profile.

Learning Opportunities

Note that the Socialcast mobile app isn't a stand alone tool, it is only available for those who use the Socialcast platform.


Socialcast Has Facebook-like Appeal

As a whole, the Socialcast platform is perceived as a good communication and collaboration tool for today’s modern business world as it can help improve employee engagement, as many people spend a lot of time on social media and social networking sites.

If you run a company with young employees who frequently use Facebook during their off time, then Socialcast is a communication application you can be sure your employees will embrace with enthusiasm,” said Stephanie Miles of AppVita.

Whileapp itself doesn't have any extras, Jennifer Beese of Today’s iPhone, who reviewed the iOS version, found that this lack of unnecessary additions allowed users to remain focused on their work.

Obviously the effectiveness of the app depends on how your team utilizes and integrates Socialcast into your day-to-day tasks,” she says. “If you’re a fan of the web version and want to stay connected while away from your computer, the mobile app is worth a download.”