Mobile App of the Week: Staying Connected with Yammer

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For this week’s mobile app of the week, we look at our final employee engagement app with the mobile version of the enterprise social network, Yammer.

The Enterprise Social Network

Yammer, which was launched in 2008 and bought by Microsoft in 2012, is designed to let employees engage with one another and discuss projects and other work related topics in a digital environment. Among other things, they are able to start work groups, add photos and other documents, send instant messages and monitor activity feeds.In addition to its own platform, Yammer can work together with a variety of other products and apps that include Sched.do and SalesForce, but perhaps on the most discussed integration is with SharePoint.

Recently announced, the SharePoint-Yammer integration is designed to make employee engagement and collaboration into a more social, mobile and engaging experience. More specifically, features that are part of this integration include a single sign-on for both tools, the ability to add Yammer feeds, private messages and a notification tab to SharePoint sites and a federated search that displays relevant Yammer messages next to SharePoint search results.

Staying in Touch on the Go

The Yammer app, which similar to last week’s app of the week Socialcast, is available for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android devices is merely a miniature version of the web-based platform.In addition to being able to see updates from collages and participate in discussions and individual chats, users will be able toaccess their inbox, share photos and and get push notifications of relevant updates.

Learning Opportunities


Enterprise Social: To Be or Not To Be

Yammer appears to be a good solution for businesses who want or need to connect in a digital environment, as it has been well-received by businesses and individual users as a good way to connect with colleagues who work from remote locations, which will evidently improve the way a business operates.

As Yammer continues to enhance the discipline of solving real business problems by providing a rich conversation layer to your mission critical data,using their solution will help place you ahead of the curve and make you more competitive,” said Mark Fidelman.

Despite a few problems,the app has been seen as a good addition to the Yammer platform.

While the Yammer app does have its limitations, most noticeably with files and documents, it does enable mobile users to stay in touch with their coworkers on Yammer quite effectively,” said Will Kelly of the Tech Republic.