Enterprise Information Management (EIM) vendor OpenText is out with version 8.3 of its Tempo Social Offering, as it tweaks social collaboration tools in its file and synchronization product.  

First released in fall of last year, Tempo Social provides a social collaboration solution that builds on Tempo, OpenText’s application for secure file sharing and device-syncing. As with other OpenText products, Tempo provides enterprise-level security, customization and compliance features, in order to support information exchanges across companies.

Social In Flow

Tempo Social is available as an on-premise solution that integrates with a variety of other types of applications, including OpenText’s own Web Experience Management, Web Site Management and Content Server suites, or it’s available as a cloud-based edition. The social apps in Tempo Social are designed to create a social workplace through blogs, wikis and forums, to support dialogues between users and customers, and to create a social intranet.

The new update offers the ability for users to blog right from Microsoft Word, upload photos directly from a new personal photo library, or view the social app on mobile devices. The intent, the company said, is to put “social in the flow of work,” instead of setting aside social as another silo. There are also new visual features to enhance social interaction with colleagues or friends.

The embedding of social tools into OpenText Tempo points to a day, possibly here already, when “social business” is not a state-of-the-art enhancing of business functions and processes, but simply the way business is conducted. No one today, for instance, talks about business as being “email-enhanced,” although at one time email was featured as an added value.

Busy September

OpenText has been having a busy September. Last week, OpenText announced a partnership with digital marketing firm ExactTarget, now owned by Salesforce. The alliance will develop and sell an integrated solution to increase the efficiency with which rich media can be disseminated in omni-channel campaigns, using both ExactTarget’s digital marketing platform and OpenText’s digital asset management solution.

Also last week, OpenText announced a new integration solution that allows companies to transmit large, critical document packages to customers outside a firewall at a speed as much as 30 times faster than FTP, and with better security and compliance.