With marketing automation vendors, today’s competition is driven by, well, competitors combining.

We’ve seen a flurry of product integration and merger activity as of late, and this week sees another partnership that intends to boost each company’s digital marketing story.

Digital Marketing Meets DAM

OpenText, the Canadian enterprise information management giant, announced today its partnership with ExactTarget (recently acquired by Salesforce) in an effort to develop an integrated solution designed to enhance the flow of rich media to digital marketers for use in their omni-channel campaigns.

customer experience, OpenText, ExactTarget Venture Another Digital Marketing Match

It’s a marriage of digital marketing platform (ExactTarget) and digital asset management (OpenText), the organizations announced. The plan is to offer the platform through the OpenText Customer Experience Management suite and help solve a “critical bottleneck” for enterprises looking to deliver engaging and personalized experiences across all customer touch points.

The new solution is being debuted at ExactTarget's Connections conference in Indianapolis this week. 

With the new offering OpenText customers can reach out to their prospects with creative messaging and a richer email marketing experience in an effort to increase connection and extend online engagement.

ExactTarget customers will have access to an image library that houses current and relevant rich media with on-demand access to reusable assets.

“What separates us from the pack is that we’re tapping into a broaderaudience to extend support beyond marketing to other lines of business,”Kevin Cochrane, OpenText CMO, said in a statement. “It is our goal tohelp personalize email communications with relevant, timely and richmedia assets.”

customer experience, OpenText, ExactTarget Venture Another Digital Marketing Match

Learning Opportunities

Moving Marketing Automation Market

ExactTarget made huge headlines in June when Salesforce bought it for US$ 2.5 billion.

Earlier, Radian6 and BuddyMedia joined the Salesforce family. Now it seems like every one wants to integrate with ExactTarget.

It's like the cool new kid on the block. It's not new, but the Salesforce acquisition seems to have made everyone want in, if only to also get a piece of that Salesforce action. One example is the recent ExactTarget and Webtrends news -- but you can expect more to come.

Marketing automation overall is the big technology of the year, and will likely continue to be. This past summer, Adobe confirmed a US$ 600 million deal to acquire Neolane, and that it will pull Neolane’s campaign management tools into its Marketing Cloud.

Add to that, Marketo partnering with Demandbase, Inc. earlierthis month in a real-time identification technology platform. Soonafter, it became the first marketing automation vendor to team up with Google's AdWords to help marketers better optimize their spend and establish more effective marketing campaigns. Note that Marketo is another key marketing automation vendor that everyone wants to play nice with.

That's just a sampling of the marketing automation news we've covered to date in 2013. Are we done? We highly doubt it (no we can confirm we aren't done). What's next? We looking forward to sharing that with you.