exacttarget salesforce aqusition

Salesforce.com has announced it has finally completed its acquisition of cloud marketing automation platform ExactTarget and through this partnership will improve its CRM capabilities and company revenue.

Making it The Sale Official

While today’s news is that the ExactTarget merger is complete, it’s been well over a month since Salesforce first mentioned that it was in the process of buying the company and its product suite. At that time, Salesforce noted that it would be buying ExactTarget for about US$ 2.5 billion, a move that was and still is expected to increase Salesforce’s revenue by about US$ 120 million over the next year.

Along with this, the company will be able to expand what the Salesforce.com product can do. The company's clients will be able to better connect with customers across a collection of channels by giving them tools that that can be used on email, social, mobile and web-based campaigns.

By bringing together ExactTarget's industry-leading marketing automation and campaign management capabilities with salesforce.com's leading social marketing solutions … we will deliver the marketing platform of choice for CMOs," said Scott Dorsey, the CEO of ExactTarget.

ExactTarget will join Salesforce's long list of other acquisitions which includes Radian6 a social content monitoring tool, BuddyMedia which is used for social content and analytics purposes and Clipboard, a web-based clipping tool.

Salesforce Needs to Execute Well

Despite, Saleforce's attempt to improve their product offerings, noteveryone has seen this news as a good thing.

In June, CMSWire’s Anthony Myers found out many industry professionals criticized the merger as they found it didn't really bring anything new to the marketing model.

Learning Opportunities

Although still, there were some who saw the benefit of this acquisition even if others didn't. CMSWire’s Barb Mosher Zinck pointed out that because of the tools ExactTarget acquired as a stand-alone company, it will be be more attractive to different types of business.

ExactTarget acquired Pardot just last year to add small business marketing automation capabilities to its own platform, which in the end gives Salesforce the ability address any size business," she wrote.

While Robert Rose noted that the merger could improve customer engagement and content marketing.

If executed well, Salesforce.com has an opportunity to connect the dots of customer engagement and collect the data -- from the tippy-top awareness part of the funnel all the way down to brand evangelism," he wrote.

Critics should note though that since the deal has just been completedSalesforcehastime to redevelop itself, integrate ExactTarget's technology into its platform and create a more worthwhile marketing experience before it can be determined if this acquisition is a failure or success.

Joining the Salesforce Team

ExactTarget isn't the only recent acquisition that Salesforce has made. The company also bought EdgeSpring, a business intelligence startup and content integration specialist EntropySoft.