OpenText Upgrades Social Communities With Social Apps, Analytics, Compliance, Mobile
It’s been over two years since OpenText took its first serious step into the world of social business with the release of Social Media, which is integrated with OpenText Enterprise CMS. Since then it has been adding social media functionality to its portfolio, including Social Communities, which has been upgraded to v8.1.

OpenText, Social Business

The focus in this release is social apps, web and social analytics, compliance and mobile access, all of which have been upgraded, which, OpenText says, will facilitate and promote the move to a social business model by companies that have yet to make that move.

Just for the record, OpenText defines social business as business that includes a social component in all its business functions, enabling users collaborate with colleagues and engage with customers across geographies.

OpenText Social Communities Compliance

OpenText Social Communities Compliance

It adds that a social business model will not be achieved using technology alone, but that it must be achieved in the context of existing business processes “and meet security and information governance requirements."

In technology terms, this means that whatever social media applications are being used must fit in with existing business processes, as well as conform to internal, enterprise information governance regulations. At least, that’s what it seems to be saying.

Social Business Processes

And the upgrade to Communities falls within these boundaries and even ensures that the boundaries are maintained, OpenText says.

The upgrade provides a set of social apps that can socially charge business processes within the context of a secure and compliant enterprise-wide social framework.

For this release of OpenText Social Communities, our emphasis was on helping customers apply social media in a strategic way to improve and augment the flexibility of their core business functions and processes while strengthening the back end to meet enterprise requirements for security, privacy and compliance,” Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer of OpenText, said.

Added Features

Built on the security and governance functionality of the OpenText Enterprise CMS Suite, it adds appropriate controls to social objects, enabling users to share content and use social media, secure in the knowledge that they’re not breaking enterprise rules.

OpenText Social Communities analytics

OpenText Social Communities analytics

New features include:

  • OpenText Wave Integration: Enables organizations to create, develop and deliver mobile applications for employees, partners, and customers
  • OpenText Web and Social Analytics Integration: Offers the ability to monitor and measure social activity; by analyzing real-time visitor and social interaction information, organizations can optimize online initiatives and identify actionable trends
  • Social Networking: Offers users the ability to post content from a community site to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and other social networks

OpenText SocialMobile.JPG

OpenText Social Communities Mobile

It also offers reusable and adaptable site templates as well as ready-to-deploy applications for social intranet, social marketing and social workplace workloads. OpenText Social Communities 8.1 has just gone on general release..