Podio Platform Improves Social Capabilities with IM, Audio, Video Chat

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Citrix has announced two new chat functions that are designed to improve the functionalityof the Podio project management platform.

A Little More Conversation

As digital workspaces become more common, there is a need for an all-in-one tool; or a place that allows users to work on projects, but also provide updates and chat with colleagues. This is where products like the Podio platform comes into play by giving companies and colleagues a workspace platform that enables them to, among other things, schedule and monitor meetings and post job openings.

Today, Podio's parent company Citrix has announced that the Podio experience will be even more social with Podio Chat, a feature that includes Instant Messaging (IM) and video and audio chat functions.

With the IM feature, users will be able to not only see who is online from their frequent contacts or by searching their contact list, which is similar to Facebook chat, they can also easily switch from a desktop to their mobile device, have group chats,add and send files during the conversation with tools like Box, Sharefile or Google Drive or from a computer hard drive. Users can also mark previously read messages unread if they need to go back and review that message at a later time.

Adding to the chat experience, the video and audio component allows users to meet face-to-face and have real-time discussions without having to rely on another tool like Skype.

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As a whole Podio Chat is able to bring together two very important aspects of the digital workplace: real-time communication channels, like IM and web conferences and asynchronous communication like email and comments allowing users to be more productive and efficient in their work.

Learning Opportunities

Its capabilities allow for a convergence between real-time and my time,” saidBernardo de Albergaria, Vice President and General Manager, SaaS Products and Markets at Citrix.

Podio’s IM chat is now available, while the video and audio chat are expected to be added by the end of the month.

A Complete, Digital Workspace

Launched in 2009, Podio is cloud-based, social business platform that was created as a way for companies members and external colleagues to come together, collaborate on projects and improve productivity rates. In adapting the Podio platform, users don't rely on a bunch of external tools.

Podio as a whole provides me with a simple, cloud-based way of getting my work done in a manner that was until now not entirely possible,” said Derrick Wlodarz of Beta News.

Built with the user in mind, Podio allows people to download work centric apps from the Podio App Marketplace or create their own app tools, without having to know any code. These apps can include a tasks app, a leads app for the sales team and a projects app.

Podio was bought by Citrix in 2012 and has slowly been adding to what the platform offers. In addition to an integration with Box,  the company has added a way for users to connect their email inbox to Podio, added a collaboration app for Android devices and released Podio Share which enables users to share content from within tasks and apps.

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