The hard part of selling isn't the actual sale. Any good salesperson will tell you it's the monotonus data entry and admin tasks that get in the way of productivity. Now, online selling platform maker SalesCrunch said it has integrated its next-generation meeting application CrunchConnect into, with the promise to "...radically reduce the tedious data entry associated with customer relationship management." 

Improved Productivity Moves to a New Level

The technology takes the promise of CRM's improved productivity, through lead tracking, identifying opportunities and sales, to a new level by removing the burden of documenting customer interactions.

This is done through the integration of CRM with actual customer face time, in presentations, demos and email pitches, as the technology now automates the data entry process by auto-populating Salesforce with new leads and contact information from the meeting attendees’ information. This also gives a boost to data input accuracy.  

Screen Shot 2012-02-01 at 8.45.19 AM.jpg
The data captured can include key contact info (names, email and call-from numbers used to access the meeting) plus create a log of the event (demo, meeting, or presentation.) This is recorded as a customer activity in Salesforce with links to a summary page of the event and recording. Contact information already in Salesforce populates SalesCrunch Connect, the company said

The System is Bi-Directional

SalesCrunch said, on the flip-side, when you are outside of meetings, the SalesCrunch sales team can sends presentations via email to prospects in CrunchConnect. These presentations are logged through CrunchConnect as activity so that anyone within the company can track which presentations are sent and who actually opened and read them.  This helps track and qualify prospects as they move through the sales process.

The CrunchConnect web site shows the online software still in beta, with features that include Meet, Connect, Present, Track and Collaborate. The company also said the CrunchConnect integration is available with the "Better and Awesome" plans starting at US$ 59.