Simply Measured, Social Chorus Announce Social Media Management Platforms

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Last week I emptied the contents of my community manager’s toolbox to showcase a few of my favorite tools and apps. Since then, a few other social media management tools crossed my feed, both coming with recommendations from other community managers.

Simply Measured

We were first tipped off about Simply Measured by Rob Longert and Michael Brito and upon watching the intro video, we were hooked. After all, how many companies introduce their platforms by saying:

Analytics and reporting for social media shouldn’t have to suck."

Their analytics platform boasts not just access to necessary metrics and stats, but also emphasizes the beauty in which they are represented, as well as how easily they can be customized and shared with others.

Simply Measured lets users compare performance with other brands on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, as well as monitor any keyword, phrase, hashtag, or link across social networks, blogs, and forums. It recently partnered with Klout to launch in-depth influencer analytics that can produce up to four types of reports, which puts the Klout score, full influence metrics and topics in context with a brand’s broader social media analytics.

As Michael Brito, Vice President of Social Business Planning at Edelman, says

There are an infinite number of data points that big brands can now use to measure social media. Simply Measured brings together all the data and makes it accessible and easy for my clients to consume and take action on."

Demo from Simply Measured on Vimeo.

But what does it mean to give your data context? With Simply Measured you can dig deeper to see how your engagement stacks up against competitors or other brands. You may have more fans or followers, but if you’re not creating valuable conversations, it doesn't really matter. By being able to see how you measure across different platforms, you can begin to see what’s working where and learn from it.

In fact, this is what Rob Longert likes best about Simply Measured. The Senior Digital Media Strategist at M. Booth says: 

Simply Measured provides an easy to use and implement solution that allows us to track and measure social campaigns of our clients and competitors without complication. The interface is intuitive, the data is extremely accurate and the charts that are part of the data outputs are easily transferred between Excel, PowerPoint and Word docs for reporting."

However, access to this kind of data doesn’t come cheap. Plans start at US$ 500/month, but you can sign up for a free trial.


Having launched last week, SocialChorus works to bring brands closer to their influencers. By connecting with the right people, you can deliver the right information and start to cultivate a meaningful relationship -- it’s all about relevance, remember?

Learning Opportunities

But how do you build meaningful relationships when you have thousands or millions of followers? SocialChorus can analyze campaign results down to the finest details, making it much easier to identify and reward influencers. By helping brands to determine the value of every action, tracking tweets, posts, emails and top influencers, finding the return on influence (you thought I was going to say investment, didn’t you?) is clear.

With its Influencer Relationship Marketing (IRM) software and services, SocialChorus aims to give users a simple and speedy platform from which to build enduring social relationships at global scale.

We know it’s hard to put together a sturdy map that outlines just how to identify and target influencers, so it’s particularly helpful that SocialChorus outlines a five-step process to activate social influence, in which users can effectively create, manage and evolve their presence online.


Those interested in exploring SocialChorus can benefit from its beta launch by scheduling a demo or enlisting as an influencer, working with brands to help them better connect with consumers, while receiving exclusive content, insider access and other tangible rewards to help grow your followers.

Invest & Influence

There is no shortage of social media management platforms, and regardless of how awesome others say they are -- only you can decide what’s right for you. Just as you want your followers to investment confidently in your brand, you also have to make the right investment in the technology that makes the most sense for your budget and expectations. Have a platform you love? Tell us in the comments.