Social Sentiment Plugin Analyzes Twitter, Facebook in Real Time
Have you ever wanted to analyze the sentiment of your Twitter or Facebook content without having to employe some clunky, expensive application or widget? Look no further than ViralHeat’s new plugin for Chrome.

Analyze Your Social Sentiment

The Viralheat Social Sentiment plugin is available free in the Chrome Store. It gives users the power to analyze the sentiment of tweets, Twitter streams and Facebook’s news feeds, timelines, fan pages, posts and comments too -- from within the browser.

Sentiment analysis, of course, is what Viralheat does, alongside social media measurement and monitoring. It also has become a sort of virtual currency for businesses wanting to expand their online marketing capabilities, while identifying new opportunities and managing their reputations appropriately.

Viralheat’s plugin comes with built-in capabilities so you can set custom sentiment thresholds for various types of content and includes feedback loops so you can effectively train the engine so it gets smarter as it goes along. (Users can click on any Tweet and send feedback if the sentiment has not been classified accurately. This will help Viralheat improve accuracy of the sentiment engine over time.)

Once installed, the sentiment toolbar shows up at the top of your Facebook or Twitter platforms, showing a summary of positive, negative and neutral sentiments associated with that page. As well, it evaluates each individual post or tweet. 


An example of how Viralheat's plug-in evaluates individual posts





For a sentiment snapshot, the plugin has a toolbar on Twitter and Facebook pages

Track Your Attitude, User Engagement

For those wanting a little more information, you can install Viralheat’s plugin alongside the Klout Chrome plugin and the Rapportive plugin to create a free, ad hoc listening platform.

Say what you will about sentiment analysis, Viralheat’s Social Sentiment plugin provides a way to evaluate your account’s overall attitude, which can be useful for understanding the content posted by both you and your users.