The Future of Social Business is the Socialization of Data
If you haven’t noticed, there is a disconnection within social business. On one hand, there are companies that have become socially advanced. Employees are empowered, knowledge workers are mobile and the C-suite is a champion of change. But on the other hand, there are companies that are still operating within closed culture. Sharing is discouraged, work is done in silos and people still gather around an actual water cooler.

Finding Value in Social Experiences

For some, social business is evolving. For others, it’s still in its infancy stage. Social business need not be only about sharing and caring -- it’s also about finding value in the social experience.

Thanks to Aprimo, more companies are experiencing social business through its Socialization of Data Project. The project aims to showcase a new era of insight, where data from traditional and non-traditional sources are combined to radically change how businesses communicate with their customers and prospects.

Within the enterprise, much attention, time and money is spent on conferences, training and other on-site and remote customer experiences. These social experiences are often underestimated, but in fact there is much engagement to leverage and build upon. Teradata is working alongside Aprimo and Aster Data to further expand the Socialization of Data Project, combining big data analytics, new social media technologies and integrated marketing management software to actively apply socialization of data to the attendee experience.

Learning Opportunities

By combining profile data gathered in advance with real-time social media data, aggregate insights will be calculated. The information will be used to present attendees with relevant offers from a variety of businesses and vendors, in real time.

Data Socialization Good for the Customer Experience

The Socialization of Data brings together a customer-centric, measurement-focused corporate culture with the social data revolution. Businesses have a lot of information, much of which is left to collect dust, when it could be put to work. Not only is Aprimo putting the customer in charge, it is working to create a better overall conference experience, which is not just good for social business, but good for overall productivity and education.

With social business, the enterprise also benefits from integrated marketing management solutions, like those provided by Aprimo and its partners. Together,customer and companies will design and deliver IMM strategies and campaigns that capitalize on the vast potential of socialization of data and bring a complete customer experience.