Say what you will about the personalized experience, according to Aprimo, but by 2013, more than half of Fortune 500 companies will have context-aware computing initiatives, making it possible to anticipate users’ needs so that they are shown appropriate and customized content. If you’d rather not risk being unprepared, than you might want to learn more about Real-Time Interaction Manager, Aprimo’s new Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution.

Manage Your Multi-Channel Initiatives

The Real-Time Interaction Manager seeks to combine the power of Teradata and Aprimo (Teradata acquired Aprimo in January 2011), while providing multi-channel innovative capabilities that will help customers drive more effective marketing performance.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

With the addition of Aprimo Real-Time Interaction Manager to its IMM suite, Aprimo makes it easier for companies to manage offers within a content repository that delivers on demand across all touch-points including the web, call center and retail point-of-sale to provide intelligent interactions with customers in real time.

Analyze Inbound Marketing in Real Time

Touted as an inbound marketing and offer management solution, Real-Time Integration Manager is able to analyze all customer interactions to ensure the best offer for each individual customer is delivered in real time.

Strategize for the Future

The new tool features several capabilities that aim not only to manage current offers, but those to come. With self-learning analytics, the Interaction Manager provides a continuous feedback loop to ensure increasingly intelligent interactions in the future. As well, it includes a strategy manager, which leverages all customer messages including cross-sell/upsell, retention strategies, loyalty messages and service-related messages to define business goals and priorities.

Enhance Your Integrated Marketing Management

The launch of Real-Time Interaction Manager also coincides with a number of enhancements to other IMM solutions, including Relationship Manager and Marketing Studio. From new user interfaces and dashboards that provide faster access to analysis, better offer management capabilities and enhanced reporting to mobile access and single sign-on, Aprimo and Teradata are showing they are committed to helping marketers drive business growth strategies across multiple channels.