Social CRM Acquisition Flurry
Maybe the biggest surprise in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Social CRM is that the Niche Players out number every other quadrant. Although Jive, Lithium and Salesforce dominate now, a flurry of acquisitions of these smaller vendors could well push someone else to the top.

Evolution of the Intranet
Here's a good read: the best Digital Workplaces have 6 key capabilities -- and it's less about technology, more about function.

Intranet technology has evolved significantly. Check out our Intranet Tools and Trends Infographic to see how social intranets are used today, and learn why social needs to be "baked in, not sprinkled on top" of today's Intranet.

Social Business Tweet Jam - Oct 24th
Our #SocBizChat Tweet Jam will take place on October 24th. Join us as we discuss how the digital workplace has changed and how the tools have evolved with it. Tweet Jam details here.

Discover Movable Type 5
It's a whole new, all-in-one social publishing platform.
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