Time to play catch up for all of you returning home from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Check out what you've missed this past week.

Must Reads 

1. The always insightful Deb Lavoy dares to suggest that we all have a little Steve Jobs inside of us, if we are willing to define clear goals and think hard, in her piece Steve Jobs Did NOT Predict the Future. He Invented It 

You can’t predict the future, but you can make it happen -- if you have two tools at your disposal. The first is a willingness to take small steps and learn aggressively from them. The second -- and this is the very most superlatively important thing -- you must know what you are trying to achieve. You must have that durable internal guide that enables you to make good decisions and to understand their consequences." Read more

2. Sure to touch a nerve with the over-40 crowd, or with anyone who is ever thinking of looking for a job again, Stephen Fishman tackles a recent controversial article on hiring practices and points to what the true criteria should be in Earth to Inge: Your Employees Don't Need You!

"High performing, high quality talent is the rare gem. If high performing, high quality talent was the plentiful commodity, then by definition it would not be high performing, it would be average. Screening first on superfluous factors like age before rare factors like talent is a sure fire way to miss the valuable gems. Read more

3. Co-authors William Band and Kate Leggett use their backgrounds in Forrester Research to offer clear reasons why now is the time to adopt a strategic approach towards your social customer relationship management and offer some tips to get started in Social CRM is Not a Strategy -  But You Do Need A Strategy To Succeed 

In fact, Forrester’s Social Technographics studies indicate that 68 percent of B2C consumers and 80 percent of B2B customers fall into the “spectator” category, which consists of people who read comments, ratings and reviews posted on social media sites. Your brand is now under constant scrutiny 24 hours a day." Read more.


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